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    Just Cause 2 Limited Edition + DLC (MULTI2/Repack/PcDvd)

    5-02-2016, 23:48 | Kategoria: PC | Wyświetleń:

    Just Cause 2 Limited Edition + DLC (MULTI2/Repack/PcDvd)
    PC Game | Developer: Avalanche Studios | Publisher: Eidos Interactive, Square Enix |
    Language: English, Russian | 1.29 GB
    Genre: Action (Shooter)
    Fileserve | Wupload | Filesonic |

    Reckless and desperate loner hero is back once again to shake the rotten corrupt regime! After the brilliant work done by pointing a "democratic" about a real macho Rico Rodriguez decided to break away from the full program. Tequila, beaches, babes in bikini - what more should be tired, but quite a hero? But a long holiday did not happen. Former boss hurried escape to the tropical island of Pana, taking with him a large sum of public money. Traitor hid under the warm wing of the local dictator, which means it's time for the banana revolution! We'll have to find and punish the villain, and along with good fun in an atmosphere of general chaos. Shooting, car chases, parachute jumping, car theft and military equipment - Rico is ready for anyone, even the most dangerous situation. For his services - an impressive arsenal of small arms. He is able to perform the most spectacular stunts, until the capture of a flying helicopter! Compared with the first part, the game became a lot more weapons and equipment.

    - An extraordinary vertical gameplay - soars into the air like in no other game and seize any vehicle, complete freedom of action, which depends only on your imagination.
    - Unbelievable acrobatics parachute - breathtaking and adrenaline-filled with blood;
    - Improved double hook. It allows you to remotely attracted to any surface. Hook the other end of the rope of the enemy moving vehicle - and you will get universal weapon, allowing a considerable variety of gameplay.
    - An impressive arsenal of small arms
    - Discover the secrets of the island of Ban - explore the island from single cities and deserts, to the heavenly beaches and snow-capped mountain ranges - more than 400 square miles.
    - Experience real freedom - hundreds of major and minor tasks you can perform a variety of ways.
    - A huge selection of vehicles - a magnificent leap at the speed Motobike, bisecting the sea on a fast boat or watering enemy missiles sitting in a combat helicopter - at your disposal more than 100 land, sea and air vehicles.
    - Military and civilian cars can be upgraded and tuned. To do this, provided everything necessary, including more than two thousand different pieces.

    Features RePack:
    - Nothing is converted / cut all languages ??except English and Russian
    - Your language and voice in any combination
    - Have all the DLC released and Update1 Fix from SKIDROW
    - Sewn fix translation of DLC DronCho_CentR
    - Installation time - 15 minutes
    - RePacked by [R.G. Catalyst]

    System requirements:
    v Operating system: Microsoft Vista / Seven (on Windows XP does not work)
    v Processor: Dual-core CPU with SSE3 (Athlon 64 X2 4200/Pentium D 3 GHz)
    v Memory: 2GB
    v Video: (Nvidia GeForce 8800 series / ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro)
    v Free space on hard disk:: 10 GB
    v Optional: keyboard, mouse

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